My Mass Media Diet


This week Prof. Robinson challenged our class to keep a media diary for two consecutive days. It didn’t sound too daunting at first, but that was back when I was staring at the assignment handout. Two days. I can record all of my media interactions for two days, right?

Well, it’s the evening of my second day, and I can tell you that it’s not as easy as I first thought. I did a pretty swell job of tracking my media usage — funny enough on my iPhone — but I never realized, until now, how much media I consume. There are so many times throughout my normal day where I whip out my phone to check any new email notifications – both Gmail and my UNC school address, Twitter notifications and whoever Snapchatted me back.

The scary thing is that I believe I’ve consciously reduced the amount of time I have consumed media during these last two days only because I knew I was going to have to record it later. It might have something to do with not wanting to admit how many times I Snapchat in a normal day (thanks, Taylor Sharp).

While I do not believe that this all-you-can-eat media consumption is a bad thing, I do think it’s necessary to unplug for periods of time. It’s strange, in a way, how it feels so normal to spend so much time on my phone and laptop. I actually feel pretty uncomfortable if I do not have my phone on me at a given time. With that being said, I do value time when I’m not seven inches away from a screen. One of my favorite activities is stand-up paddling. I don’t take my phone on the board. However, my next purchase just might be a GoPro camera, which would allow me to take photos and videos out on the water. It seems like a funny cycle really. It’s 2015. Where is media not prevalent in our lives?


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