Thank you, Spotify

I am a big Spotify fan. And if you weren’t aware, T-Swift recently removed all of her records from the music streaming service. Her reasoning, “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists and creators of this music.” I get where she’s coming from, but I can’t say I support her decision. I have to believe Spotify is a step in the right direction from the age when all of my peers went to Limewire for new tunes.

I may be in the minority on this, but I’m still willing to shell out some money for artists I like. Hell, I’ll even buy a physical CD for my favorites (shoutout to J. Cole). With that being said, you can’t beat free, and hence why everyone my age heads to Spotify, Pandora or Soundcloud. For me as a consumer, Spotify is the real deal. Unlike Pandora, I can listen to full albums. I have plenty of pre-made playlists to choose from, and I can easily make my own playlists consisting of songs on my iTunes and songs from Spotify. If I’m in the mood to find new music, Spotify presents options for artists I may like and then provides me with their top songs.

I like the service so much I even pay for it. Yep, I, a college student, pay a monthly fee to listen to music when I could be doing so for free. Spotify normally charges $10 a month for a premium subscription, but brilliantly they cut that price in half for us college kids. $5 a month is cheaper than buying 5 songs on iTunes and there are plenty of benefits. There are no ads and I can download my playlists on my phone for offline listening — that feature came in handy when I was taking a 45 min train commute to work every morning in Sydney where I had no cellular data or wifi connection.

So while I understand your point, Taylor, your statement is misplaced. The issue is larger than Spotify. Something has to change on the record label side regarding artists’ compensation, because at the moment you’re removing yourself from a service that is reversing the mindset that consumers shouldn’t have to pay for music. I don’t have the perfect solution, and I don’t think Spotify is the best thing ever for artists, but at least I’m paying my $5. And I hope some of that would have been going to you.


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