RIP My Data Plan

Snapchat just blew my advice on how to stay relevant out of the water.

This morning the good people in the Venice, Calif., office released “Discover” — a new way to explore stories and content from a variety of editorial teams, including the likes of ESPN, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, Vice and Warner Music.

I just updated the app around 12:30 this afternoon, and I haven’t left it since. So far, I’ve watched an NFL season recap in 160 seconds, checked in on the wonderful weather in NYC, and went behind the scenes of a JJ Watt, Katy Perry photo shoot. Discover seems to have something for everyone.

“This is not social media. Discover isn’t about what’s popular. We count on editors and artists, not clicks and shares, to determine what’s important,” says Snapchat. Besides photos and videos, there’s actually news stories on here too.

It’s evident that Snapchat is focused on delivering a wider-range of content to its audience. And I personally love that they’re allowing for media organizations to create and tell stories in a short, punchy manner for us, the consumer. This is a far cry from what many people expected with corporations taking a larger role on the social media platform.

Let me put it this way: Right now, I’m not even concerned with snapping my friends back. I’m too entertained by the fact I can get my Daily Show with John Stewart clips from the same place I can now watch ESPN’s Not Top 10.

Kudos to you, Snapchat.


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