Skimm’ing To “The Point”

I enjoy being informed. I like to know and understand the current-event issues that are taking place in the world. But my schedule as student in college does not provide me with much time to browse multiple news sites on a daily basis, as I prefer to do.

This is where email newsletters come in.

I was first introduced to The Skimm, a daily email newsletter “written with a touch of snark” targeted to young women, through a friend here at UNC-CH. Honestly, when I signed up for the news service I didn’t realize that it was targeted to women.

Alex Taub, a contributor for Forbes, explains The Skimm excellently:

“They read, you skim, as their tagline goes. The concept is very simple and is all about execution, and after making it part of my routine, I can attest that theSkimm is the real deal. It is one of very few email newsletters I open up every single day. And I, a male in my 20’s, am not even their target market.”

The Skimm is great for national and world news. But what about local news right here in the Triangle? Well, right about the time I was mulling over this question, John Conway, the general manager of, spoke in one of my journalism school classes and introduced The Point.

The Point is the Triangle’s newsletter presented in a format similar to The Skimm — snarky, witty and localized.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.40.45 PM

I welcome these short and witty news recaps with open arms. Every morning when my alarm rings, I roll over and check my two Gmail notifications. One is from The Skimm. The other from The Point.

Other classmates of mine, such as my friend Maddie, have expressed similar views that shorter information works. Especially when targeted towards our demographic.

I’ve also enjoyed reading the views of another classmate, Jenny, who is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel. As someone who is new to formal journalistic writing, I’ve appreciated her insight into the world of pure journalism from the perspective of a peer. I do my best to pick up a hard copy of the DTH, or at the very least, read articles online. But as I find myself resorting more-and-more to Twitter for news information, I wonder if an email newsletter in the style of The Skimm or The Point could be in the DTH’s future?

I would subscribe.



  1. William N. · February 5, 2015

    The Skimm is great! Have you tried Briefing ( It’s a beautifully designed, refreshing approach to the daily news that appeals to readers beyond the Skimm’s target audience. And it was started by a UNC grad!


    • Clay · February 8, 2015

      I have not! Excited to check this out. I’m always interested in ventures and projects started by people out of the UNC community. Thanks for sending me way!


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