So Long, Jon

If you haven’t heard, Jon Stewart is leaving his position as the host of The Daily Show later this year. For me this is incredibly sad news. Throughout high school, my Dad and I would watch The Daily Show every night we had the chance. It was a time for us to bond, and that will always mean something special to me.

We’ve talked recently in class about how media organizations gain our trust. Stewart has always held mine. I recognize that he’s not a formal news outlet — he doesn’t report breaking news and he doesn’t write news articles. But he does report and analyze the news with a heavy focus on politics.

A lot of my trust stems from the fact Stewart attacks anyone worthy of such criticism. He goes after Republicans and also Obama. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. His comedic rants play on both sides of the fence. And that’s a good thing. Stewart also speaks in a manner that directly relates to his audience. When he’s ranting about the forehead-slapping actions of politicians, he does it with only his viewers in mind.

Stewart is able to say things that do not fly in traditional media organizations. And his unrestricted nature comes across very authentic to the audience. That’s part of the charm. When media outlets flub up, The Daily Show is there to put them in check. If CNN is going overboard on a certain topic, he is going to call them out. Same for when Fox News says something that makes one double take.

I’m sad to see Stewart go, because he’s been a steady part of my news diet for the past several years. It’s hard to imagine that the next host will be able to provide both substance and laughs to us in the way Stewart does. Check out these clips assembled by Mashable: 13 times Jon Stewart was at his best


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