The New Way To Apply

If you haven’t seen this, you should.

Elski Felson, 24, applied to an open position at Snapchat by, well, sending them a Snap Story as his resume. Felson goes line by line through what Snapchat is looking for as a candidate for their Community Support Specialist position. The video went viral. But unfortunately, Felson is yet to hear back from Snapchat according to Buzzfeed and other sources.

Regardless whether or not Felson has heard back from Snapchat, this video shows an important trend in mass communication — the options are as free as the imagination. While someone applying to Goldman Sachs should never try something as radical as this, I love the idea of creatively tailoring an application specifically for a company. What better way to show Snapchat you’re well-versed to work for them than to utilize their own platform in a creative manner.

A site I regularly check on for information regarding applying to jobs and such, The Muse, said:

“Felson made a smart choice here: Not only will a resume like this help him stand out, it shows his enthusiasm for the company he’s applying to and his love and understanding of its product. And while some of his jokes may have been a bit unprofessional (we definitely wouldn’t recommend any potty humor or comments on your booze intake in a job application), the video definitely shows his personality—an important aspect for many startups as they consider whether candidates would be a culture fit.”

One of our major focuses for our Issues of Mass Communication class is discussing what the future of media will look like. I predict that applications like this one will become more of the norm. Maybe not as “unprofessional.” But let’s just say if I were to apply to Instagram, I’d highly consider submitting my application as only Instagram posts. You get the picture.


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