I Would Post This, But…

Let’s talk about data. If you have a smartphone, you have it. And you use it.

The question really is: How much do you have to use? According to Verizon, and a 2013 Nielson study, the average for data usage among all mobile subscribers in the US was 827 MB per person each month. Personally, I have a 2 GB phone plan. And if it wasn’t for Wi-Fi, I would far surpass my allotted amount each month. I reckon that average includes many people who aren’t the same avid cell users as my peers and me.

We’ve finally reached spring break at UNC, and I’m lucky enough to spend the week in sunny south Florida at one of my close friend’s home. A group of us road-tripped from Chapel Hill down here, about an eleven and a half hour drive in total. One of my friends has run out of data for the month. And let me tell you, the time spent in the car when he wasn’t driving or sleeping was a little boring for him. Our two other friends who joined us for the trek both have unlimited data plans. Lucky $@%*!#&.

I researched how much it costs cell companies to provide data, and I honestly couldn’t find that much information. But while we were in the car, I couldn’t help but think about how incredible it would be to have a Wi-Fi hot spot in the car. Then I came across my classmate’s post on the subject of wifi in cars. I reckon we are on the same wave length. Or maybe this just goes back to my point that others my age run into this problem. One thing is for sure, I absolutely agree with Jess’s point that wifi in cars will become the norm in a very short amount of time.


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