It’s Not Just People Moving From Facebook to Instagram

A recent L2 and Olapic study finds that Instagram is the new favorite platform for brands. For me, this is not much of a surprise. During my internship with Social@Ogilvy in Sydney last summer, I completed a solid amount of research for clients looking to launch an Instagram presence. This was in an effort to complete the third part of the social media marketing triangle: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Another reason Instagram is a marketing darling at the moment is it’s attracting younger users than Facebook, according to L2. While an estimated 3 million U.S. teens abandoned Facebook between 2011 and 2014, the same demographic now cites Instagram as “the most important” social network, the report says.” – Ad Week

Here are some key points from the study:

  • 86% of the top 100 brands are on Instagram
  • Brands are posting more on Instagram than Facebook
  • Brand fan bases rose an average of 26% over the last year
  • Photos perform better than videos for brand pages

Instagram is the hot social media platform right now for brand marketing. But it won’t be too long before Snapchat becomes a more viable option for brands. Steps have been taken with the addition of Snapchat Discover. But it’s still new, and more time is needed to develop this feature for branding purposes. Right now, it’s only the top-dogs who can afford to advertise and brand themselves through Snapchat. Instagram still has the beauty of being free. For that reason it will continue to be a growing medium for brands to reach their consumer audience.


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