Periscope & Business

Periscope and Meerkat have recently taken the tech-social world by storm. These apps provide users the ability to live stream from their camera phones to followers anywhere in the world.

Meerkat was the first app of this kind to gain popular notoriety, gaining loads of press surrounding the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. But in no time at all, Twitter restricted Meerkat’s access and launched its own live-streaming service, Periscope. Periscope looks like the real deal. It has backing from Twitter and has seemed to capitalize where Meerkat has not.

We debated last week in class what purpose or void these new apps fill. I think that beyond the obvious uses for the app in events such as Ferguson, Tahrir Square and 9/11, there is use for it in the everyday spectrum.

Celebrities have been using UStream for years — a computer service very similar to Periscope — to launch products, make announcements or answer questions from fans. In an increasingly mobile friendly world, I think business should take advantage of Periscope.

AOL already has. Their CEO, Tim Armstrong, just held a company wide meeting via the live-streaming service.

On more of a branding side, it would be cool for companies to host office tours via Periscope. Or maybe video stream a product launch or company conference like Facebook’s F8. There are lots of options here. I see this app filling a void somewhere between Vine and Snapchat.


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